Getting Started

Running a Chess League Isn't Easy

It takes time, preparation, and constant effort to ensure everything runs as smoothly as possible. A well-planned chess tournament ideally should be flexible in the number of players it can host, and should provide an efficient playing schedule as soon after sign-up as possible. Additionally, all players should have a fair starting point, which can sometimes be difficult to achieve depending on the number of players, especially if the tournament is to be held as a single-elimination bracket. Coordinators must also be involved from start to finish to ensure that games are played on time, results are in, and future games, if based on the outcome of previous games, are situated in time.

How can one person handle all of this at once? Well, it can be done, but why spend your time developing schedules by hand that have already been developed, certified, and deployed, and are ready to be used as templates? The COMS Chess League API works to automatically calculate your schedule, with the list of participants being the only input needed. The current standings and projected outcome of your season will also be fed back to one convenience dashboard, where your players can see who's in the lead, and what they need to do to take the lead.

Are you interested in learning more about how our API can help make your job of hosting a chess tournament easier? We're here every step of the way!