We Can Host Your Online Chess Tournament!

Along with hosting our own chess tournaments, we also offer use of our season scheduling and standing calculation APIs to other parties (you!), for a low cost, and customizable to your group's individual needs.

If you would like to host a chess tournament, especially online, but do not have the time, resources, or experience needed to create a detailed and trustworthy algorithm that works with any number of participants, our API works in real time to calculate player standings and even project outcomes, all the while relaying this information back to you and your group using clean and user-friendly charts, graphs, and tables.

Your users can even have their own dashboard at dashboard.chessleague.cc, on which they can see statistics and other insights unique to them, receive prompts about upcoming games, view any information or updates that you have for them, and even communicate with eachother in real time using RumbleTalk.com, all within one dashboard.

We even have the ability to connect the game schedule to your group's individual Google Calendars, so you don't have to worry about sending endless emails to your group reminding them of their scheduled games.

Who Decides the Winner?

Within our API lies two schedules: the regular season and the playoffs. During the regular season, regardless of how many participants are in your group, each player will play an even number of games. With an even number of players, this means each person will play everyone else once, except for one player whom they will have to play twice (chosen randomly). With an odd number of players, this means one player a week will have a bye (in which they sit the week out). Additionally, each player plays everyone else exactly once.

In order to advance to the playoffs, a player must have a tied or winning season, meaning they must have, by the end of the season, won as many games or more games than they've lost.

The better one does in the regular season relative to the others, defined by the displacement (difference) between wins and losses, the more favorable of a position they will have in the playoffs (meaning they get one or more byes which results in them having to win less total games in the playoffs in order achieve the same result as those who did not perform as well in the regular season as they did)

The playoffs are in the form of a single elimination bracket

Note that upon request, we will allow a group to skip the regular season if they only want to use a single elimination bracket, but we do not currently have a template which sets everyone at a level playing field from the start in such a situation, and therefore we highly recommend participating in the regular season as a prerequisite.

Still Have Questions?

Our entire system is one of transparency. Feel free to email us at connect@chessleague.cc to be given a more in depth explanation about any aspects of our API. We are glad to answer any questions you may have.


One Season (Regular Season and Playoffs) with 3 - 15 players: $55.00

One Season (Regular Season and Playoffs) with 16 - 39 players: $75.00

One Season (Regular Season and Playoffs) with 40 - 100 players: $105.00

One Season (Regular Season and Playoffs) with 100+ players: $165.00

Playoffs only (single elimination bracket with step-ladder positioning) with 3 - 15 players: $25.00

Looking to Work with us Consistently?

Discounts of up to 20% every season are available for partners who work with us on a regular basis. Let us know your requirements by emailing us at connect@chessleague.cc